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Birding on Dauphin Island

Historic Fort Gaines

POA - Property
Owners' Association

Sand Island Light

Shell Mounds

Town of Dauphin Island-Municipal Government

Dauphin Island, AL
Archive of Historical Data, Books, Maps
And Other Materials

Post Cards sold during the early development period of Dauphin Island. Cards published 1958-1960

Front Cover of Pack
1960 package cover of a 10 card set featuring Dauphin Island. Produced thru the Mobile Chamber of Commerce...
Recovered and saved by James Russell

Back Cover of Package

The Brand new Overseas Highwaty Bridge to Dauphin Island

The beaches of Dauphin Island

An aerial photo, not initial lay-out for a golf course, when now one will find the Bird Sanctuary. Early in the planning the golf course was moved to its present location.

Beautiful and historic Dauphin Island is located four miles out in the Gulf of Mexico of the mouth of Mobile Bay. Dauphin Island has a romantic and colorful history that dates back to the early days of colonial America. Settled by a French military expedition in 1699, it has since been under the Spanish, English, Confederate, and United States flags. A semi-tropical leisurely paradise, with all the modern conveniences, luxurious motels, apartments, and clubs, its unsurpassed snow-white beaches are caressed by the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi Sound.

The new Dauphin Island Water Tower at the south end of LeMoyne Dr.

The Holiday Inn, on the beach. Located where today cars park for the Public Beach near the Little Red School House.

This collection of post cards
saved and provided by
Joy[DD] and Mack Russell,
Dauphin Island, AL

Cannons from the war between the states still guard Fort Gaines

The popular attraction Isle Dauphine Club House

Golf at the Isle Dauphine Golf Club. Post Card looking to the Club from the beach.

Shell Collecting is a pleasant way to spend the day.

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