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Birding on Dauphin Island

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Dauphin Island, AL
Archive of Historical Data, Books, Maps
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US Air Force Early Warning Radar Station, Dauphin Island, AL
693rd AC&W Squadron,
Latitude: 30-15-00 N, Longitude: 088-04-40 W

History of Dauphin Island AFS, AL
This site and the attendant 693rd AC&W Squadron became operational in January 1959.
The site had an AN/FPS-20 search radar and two AN/FPS-6A height-finder radars. Dauphin Island
began operating an AN/FPS-7 radar in 1960, and joined the SAGE system. In 1961 this site was an
ADC/FAA joint-use facility. However, it was removed from joint-use status in 1962 and then put
back in joint-use status in 1963. Two years later, the site was again removed from joint-use status.
The Air Force deactivated the 693rd in September 1970. The site was re-opened in 1972 as part of
the Southern Air Defense Systems (SADS). A second radar squadron, the 635th, arrived from
Fort Lawton, Washington that year. This unit operated an AN/FPS-93 and an AN/FPS-6 radar.
The 635th was deactivated on July 1, 1974. The radar site became operating location
OLAG / 630th Radar Squadron, and later an operating location of the 678th Air Defense Group.
The site closed for good on 30 September 1980.

Source: Radomes, Inc., The Radar Defense Veterans' Association

Mobile Press-Register Story - Oct. 18, 1958
About opening of USAF Warly Warning Radar Station
On Dauphin Island

-Select thumbnail photos for enlargement and description-
radar dome base under construction
Large Radar Dome
Under construction
Photos & news story
November, 1957

USAF station and Fort Gaines, 1957
Aerial Photo
Radar Station-bottom right
Construction Begins
Photo 1957

USAF station Newspaper story
March 9, 1958
Mobile newspaper
Story, USAF
Site Construction

USAF Radar
Early Warning Station
Operational in 1959
USAF station and Fort Gaines, 1960
Aerial Photo
Radar Station
operational - top
Around 1960


Rocker Radar
On the USAF Station

Electrical Generators
Bldg. System used
Diesel Trucked in
From Brookley AFB

Station Barracks
Photo early 1960s
Two USAF Generals
US Congressman
Frank Boykin
Meet in Mobile
Mobile Press-Register

June 1963 Photo
Station Entrance

View from Fort
May 1964 Photo

Early 1960s Photo
Looking South West

1973 Photo
Of Radar Station
View from water

2004 Aerial
Looking North East

Old AF Radar Dome
Now DI Sea Lab
The Estuarium

2009 Photo
Radar Dome, now
The Estuarium

DI Sea Lab's
View From Water

Old AF Barracks,
Now Sea Lab Dorm

Old AF Chow Hall,
Now Cafeteria

Old AF Gym, Barber
Shop, Bowling Alley,
Now Sea Lab Admin

Old AF Basket Ball
Court still there

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