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1815 sketch of British troops encamped on Dauphin Island

   The sketch is identified as "Rear Admiral (British Royal Navy) Malcolms tents on Dauphin Island."
"After the unfortunate attach on New Orleans the army (British) was landed on Dauphin Island
Feby. 8th. 1815, and remained there till the 5th April, when they received information of the peace.
Sir Alexr Cochrane sailing on the 18th Febry. Left Adml Malcolm in command."
This event followed the United States victory over the British in the
Battle of New Orleans, near the end of the War of 1812.
   Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm (1768-1838) was a British naval officer. He was born at Douglan,
near Langholm, Scotland, on 20 February 1768. A long and distinguished career in the British Navy,
including action in 1793, at the beginning of the French Revolutionary Wars, the conflicts
with The English Crown. He also saw action in the 1804-1805, Battle of Trafalgar.
   He was promoted to be rear-admiral on 4 December 1813. In June 1814 with his flag in the
HMS Royal Oak, he convoyed a detachment of the army from Bordeaux to North America,
and served during the war with the United States (know at the War of 1812) as third
in command under Sir Alexander Cochrane and Rear-admiral (afterwards Sir) George Cockburn.
   In 1816-17 he was Commander-in-chief on the Saint Helena station, specially appointed
to enforce a rigid blockade of the island and to keep a close guard on Napoleon Bonaparte.
He was advanced to vice-admiral on 19 July 1821, and Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet
from 1828 to 1831. In 1832 he commanded on the coast of Holland,
with the fleets of France and Spain under his orders; and in 1833-4
was again commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean.

    This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain:
"Malcolm, Pulteney". Dictionary of National Biography. London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1885-1900.
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